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A few interesting reads if you would like to understand more. I like to explain things in a simplistic manner so everyone can gain a real understanding and there are no confusing words or concepts.

Mental Health Awareness

What is Mental Health?

As this is the Mental Health Awareness Week, I thought I would break it down into the simplest form. To define Mental Health is to say that the processes in your brain are working optimally or naturally. This includes the general ups and downs and challenges in your life.

What happens when someone struggles with Mental Health?

We all have daily struggles or daily stressors that influence us. When naturally working Mental Health turns into Mental Ill health is when something in your life is causing you to struggle, and it is a struggle that you cannot see your way out of.

Horrible people

No point being kind – People are horrible?

Are people really horrible? or is it just that we are all different? We see things differently, we expect things differently?

Lets examine if this is valid comment or not.

Boost self confidence

How do I boost my self-confidence?

What is confidence?

Confidence is the belief or feeling of reliance or faith in something

.This means that self confidence is your belief that you can do something.

Asking yourself the following questions will help:

– do know what you can or can not do?

– do you shy away from challenges?

Stress and Balance

Stress, what is it?

The Stress Response, according to Seyle (1956) is a signal to us that an event has occurred that is not expected or did not play out as we expected (or planned).

Our brain is quite simple really, it is like a big information storage facility. In a situation our brain does a quick google search., However, it looks for ANY information that possibly matches the current situation. For example, if I was searching for shoes, google would show me all the shoes you can wear on your feet, but, what if I was looking for horse shoes?

Stress and Anxiety

What exactly is anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotion that can be helpful, but it can also be unhelpful and limiting. With understanding Anxiety better, you will be able to move forward in your life.

Don’t let anxiety limit you more and more in your life, and take away your chance of living your life.


What is depression?

What are the two most common mental health problems today? Depression and Anxiety according to Mental Health Foundation. In my previous post, I answered the question about what is Anxiety, in this post, I would like to explore what is depression.

Depression is categorised as a feeling of low mood and energy, sadness, and hopelessness, to put it very simply. I will break down depression into its simplest form, I will describe each of the elements to help you understand it.

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