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No point being kind – People are horrible?
No point being kind – People are horrible? How many times have I heard this? It does not make sense to me? Let’s explore it. I thank my angels every day. At least I call them angels, but really, they are anyone or anything that I have seen a great kindness from. I will give an example of something that happened to me. I received a traffic fine for not wearing my seatbelt. To pay …
Why is communication so hard?
Why is communication hard? Have you ever wondered why is it that? sometimes conversations can go from bad to worse in a matter of seconds? when trying to help someone, they start flinging insults? don’t seem to get your message across? end up feeling exhausted after a conversation? I have compiled a list of conversation helpers for your future conversations. If we were to only learn from our own knowledge, we would be very limitedAlbert …