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Stress, what is it?
The Stress Response, according to Seyle (1956) is a signal to us that an event has occurred that is not expected or did not play out as we expected (or planned). Our brain is quite simple really, it is like a big information storage facility. In a situation our brain does a quick google search., However, it looks for ANY information that possibly matches the current situation. For example, if I was searching for shoes, …
What exactly is anxiety?
Lets see, what exactly is stress? Stress can be the result of a) Life threat e.g. lion, car crash, violence b) Unplanned change, where we expect a certain outcome or we plan for something and it is not what happens. It is a. “discrepancy occurs between what is expected and what is happening” [4] Why I hear you ask is an unplanned change a danger or stress? Let me put it simply. We like to …