A robin named lilly

A robin named lilly

Not sure if there is
a) A robin named Lilly
b) a really hungry Robin

I had the sweetest thing this morning. I was calling "Come Lilly, breakfast" (Lilly, my German Shepherd)

This Robin came as if on command, stopped next to me, wiggled its bum and looked at me, all excited.

I laughed and said, "OK, I'll bring you some food". The Robin did the whoop whoop (happy fly) and moved to the tree to wait. I went inside and got a few slices of bread.

As I was crumbing and dropping the bread, like a symphony, I could see a thousand hustles in the bush, as if appearing magically, a sequence of different birds, whoop whoop towards me, in the trees, for the food.

What a magical way to start the day.

Have a magical day 🌈🍄🌻🦅🕊️

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