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Create your Dream-Catcher

Date: 28 July 2024 at 3pm

This is a nature-based workshop.

Create a dream catcher using the idea of the original design, with purposeful adaption.

Together we will reflect on your goals and journey
to create a symbolic reprsentation of your direction
purpose -> clarity -> action

With the energy and action of intention.

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make your own dream catcher

Pause for Thought

Escape from the overwhelm of daily life and join us in nature for four sessions, spread over four weeks, designed to help you make positive changes to improve your emotional and financial well-being.

These sessions are held at the beautiful setting of Cannock Chase.

The workshops explore the natural rhythms of life and nature and discuss ways we can get back in synch and thrive.
Come along and reset your natural balance.

The workshops are run by
Gemma King of Don’t Stop Keep Going
Karen Pincher, Chartered FCSI and founder of the

take a moment to pause and reflect on where you are

Stress & Emotions: A Bio-energetic Understanding of Resilience

Do you feel you are consumed with stress and emotions?
~ your life is taken over by stress?
Are you ready to understand what stress is?
~ and how it fits in with your emotions?
Why does stress seem so contagious?
~ when it comes, it seems to expand?

Join me in this workshop to understand:
• why seemingly nonsensical things can blow us out of proportion?
• how does it impact us on a physical and biological level?
• what is the purpose of stress? Really, do we need it?
• where on earth do emotions come from? can I switch the off button?
• and most importantly, how to have a better relationship with stress and emotions!

Bring a notepad to this life-changing workshop - you're going to want to take notes! A fascinating insight into stress and emotions from a bio-energetic perspective.

I do believe you will leave the workshop with a smile and a twinkle in your eyes :D

are your stress leves overwhelming you

Anxiety: A Bio-energetic Understanding towards growth

- > Feel stuck and disconnected from life and the world?
- > Feel on edge/ panicky and exhausted at the same time?
- > Have feelings of dread or of the worst to happen?
- > Have a constant inner turmoil?

Gain understanding with
- How to take back control of your life.
- Skills and tools for anxiety
- What is stress, anxiety and fear?
- What is anxiety telling you?
- Why did we buy so much toilet paper?

Bring a notepad to this life-changing workshop - you're going to want to take notes!
A fascinating insight into your anxiety.

is your anxiety ruling your life