Blindly Walking into Wonder 11 May 2021

I had quite a busy productive day today, it's like the world had gone quiet. I decided to update all my profiles to hold the same information. Initially, when I added the profiles I was testing various things. This meant I was late walking the dogs. It looked like the rain had stopped. We had thunder and hail today. So because we were late, I thought well, we'll just walk up the fields and back and be in before dark.

The dogs were excited for their walk. When we were all strapped up and ready, we walked out the door, it started raining. Ooooph I thought, what now? The dogs are excited and ready and I have to say no let's go back inside. I put my hood on. After feeling dread and revolt, I thought the rain cloud doesn't look so big and the rain is light so, we'll go anyway.

The dogs were jumping around like hooligans with excitement. We went up the field, and as we got to the second field, Lilly started to get more excited and was walking ahead, Duffy was still walking next to me. The reason for Lilly's excitement was that in the third field, there is a pond, and the dogs love water - even in the cold. We went through the gate and into the third field. I thought we'd go to the pond and then come back to go home.

The dogs swam and were as happy as Larry. However, now Lilly was urging me to carry on, she wanted to go further. I thought oh well we are already wet, I'll see where she wants to go. Lilly was determined and leading the way, the dogs were happy, rain and all, sniffing, stopping and taking their time.

Lilly took us to the other side of the field that leads to the canal, not the regular part we walk. We continued walking. It was so quiet and quite relaxing. Lilly bought me a stick to throw, and Duffy was merrily sniffing everything.

Walking back home along the canal I had such a great mystical feeling. I could hear the rain falling ever so beautifully on the water, as if musical, but it was amplified. I stopped, the rain was a bit harder by now. I just stood looking at the water drop into the canal with the beautiful sound, seeing the raindrops in motion, as if my senses had gone into slow motion, it was so relaxing like I was transported to a different place. I just stood there mesmerised, frozen and took it all in - like a dream.

We continued along the canal and got home, all quite wet, but feeling relaxed. Now I feel so grateful to have experienced that moment by the canal, just taking everything in, being totally in the moment, the sounds, sights and the peace in the special out-of-this-world moment.

Sometimes you are really surprised when you least expect it, and can experience out of the blue, a moment of such greatness, that it will stay with you forever. I had just taken each step at the moment, led a little by Lilly, it allowed me to step outside my boundaries, outside my comfort and really experience. Thank you.

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