Buzzards Poop?

Buzzard eating ribs

I saw a Buzzard poop high in the atmosphere

Yes, this is a fact, and I have a friend of mine that was with me, although she didn't see it, she saw my exclamation. Let me explain.

We were standing in the garden, there were about 5 to 6 Buzzards flying and soaring high in the atmosphere, sometimes close so you could see the colours shine from the sun, and others just the Buzzard shape in the distance. There were also Gulls and Blackbirds flying around, as the farmers have been turning the soil, so many birds were getting very excited.

We were happily observing the birds in groups, singles, soaring, circling, gliding, it was really magnificient. It was a really beautiful day.

As we were watching, 2 Buzzards at the time, they looked like they were working together, they were high enough that I couldn't see their colours. I have pretty good eyesight. I was watching the one and my friend the other, the third person couldn't see the birds as they were higher than his vision.

Anyway I was watching this bird and the most marvellous thing happened... I saw a small cloud burst out it's bottom, well It looked like a small cloud, it was like a woof and it disappeared, and I shouted in exhilaration, that Buzzard just pooped in the sky and I saw it aaaaallll the way up there, Wow, that is so cool. I felt quite honoured to have see it.

This morning I did the trusty Google, as I don't know where to check up on this fact of mine, and although Google didn't get my question, I did find this interesting video, I hope you enjoy it.

Birds do poo in the air, I assimilated that fact.

Can Bird Poop Make Clouds?

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