Chatting to the dogs

Something to make you smile

I went to the Coop with my dogs, German Shepherds called Duffy and Lilly, to get a few things. They have always enjoyed going on car journeys with me, no matter where I go.

At the Coop, I reversed the car into a parking space, luckily near the entrance. Lilly was sitting in the car's front seat, and Duffy stood in the backseat, taking up all the space. I always leave the windows half open for fresh air.

I got out of the car to go into the shop when Duffy barked "woof weef woef", and Lilly added "sqeek sqeak sqeeak", to which I replied, "Won't be long, just quick in and out". I noticed an elderly couple reverse in the parking space on my passenger's side. The lady emerged from the car and left, but the man stayed in with all the windows closed. He looked my way and started to smile. Off I went into the shop.

When I had finished in the Coop, I came out of the shop and looked at my car, smiling broadly from cheek to cheek. The elderly gentleman parked next to me was sitting in his car, his window wide open, talking with Lilly and Duffy, who had their heads tilted in his direction, eagerly listening.

An elderly lady came out of the Coop just after me and returned to the car with the gentleman. The lady and I both reached our cars about the same time, to which she told me what lovely dogs I had and that they also once had a German Shepherd. I saw the gentleman still smiling. I don't know if the lady saw the conversation with the man and the dogs. It was sweet to see.

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