Crazy Daisy

Crazy Daisy

Daisy, a fla-ba-lop, a long-haired German shepherd, had a huge personality. If I stood up, she would put her paws on my shoulders and be as tall as me, looking straight into my eyes.

Daisy absolutely loved tea. When I wasn't looking, she would steal a few licks from my cup on the table.

One day, she pinched some of my tea, and I must have been feeling grotty or something, as I frowned at her and said, "Daisy, NO! That is my tea, the next round, I will make you your own". Daisy looked at me, gave me a huuuuuge sigh and flopped down on the sofa, lying outstretched with her front paws crossed. I carried on with whatever I was doing.

Not long after that, I heard a GREAT big 'bump. What? I turned to look. Where did that sound come from?

I burst into heaps of laughter and annoyance all in one! Daisy had bumped the table, causing the tea to spill, and was licking the tea - off the table. Daisy was licking the table as if it were the most delicious thing she had ever had. As you can imagine, Daisy was very dramatic. She was licking the tea off the table as if she were an artist, tenderly brushing her tongue, as if she were painting a delicate rose, with great detail, passion and very much pleased with herself!

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