Full Moon January 2024

January Full Moon

I decided to do something drawn from different things. I wanted a part of medicine wheel, but also some moon water, I couldn't decide the design of the medicine wheel, and I was thinking more of a despacho, I sort of have the despacho design, but.... It was the wrong part of the season, so I make my own medicine water :)

I went outside, it was raining and overcast. I said to myself, You may as well carry on and do, even though the weather isn't perfect. All gifts don't come in sunshine, so appreciate each moment as it is, not what is expected.

I went outside, with my umbrella, and all my bits. Sat down and started. I was blessed at this time, as the moon reappeared from the clouds, so I knew it was time. The rain had also stopped. I found I didn't have enough hands to hold everything and the umbrella, so I put the umbrella next to me. I started with the south, wind, self doubt, and whoop a gust of wind lifted my umbrella across the garden, so I was ran after it. Urgggh I said, I'm busy now with my moon ceremony and the umbrella is playing silly buggers!

I got the umbrella and the wind calmed back down again. I leaned the umbrella next to me on the chair where I was sitting, I sat down and continued.

I started again with south, wind, self doubt, and whoop a gust of wind, and off went the umbrella... Again. I then realised what was happening, burst into laughter and said, "ok I get it"! The wind is blowing away my self doubt, thank you. Nature is with me, supporting me and showing it.

The rest of the sequence went pretty uneventfully, and I prepared my water to lay in the moon light over night to recharge.

Today I enjoy, and maybe for a few days, taking sips from my moon water and my intention.

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