Kissing and embarrassed ducks

Smiling Duffy

On our walk today, we met Mad Duck, big and Little Head, the two Moorhens and a goose that seemed so lost and alone. The goose has only made eight appearances, with the first three times hiding, now slowly coming out. I think the goose is loosening up and will be friends by Christmas.

We did all our meets and greets, checking that everyone was well, and then we took our regular route.

Lilly suddenly stopped to investigate something. If one stops, it's like a chain reaction. I stop, Duffy stops. And the ducks stop craning their necks to see what's happening.

Duffy stopped next to me. I felt the love overwhelm me, and so I gave him a big hug. I saw the duck's curious neck movements. Seeing the duck's curiosity, I gave Duffy a sudden kiss attack on his head, with all the appropriate sound effects, about 20 to 30 mmmmooooppppppps

It was so sweet that I burst into laughter. The ducks nervously moved forward. You could see that they tried to migrate forward naturally, but it just wasn't natural. They would move forward, gently craning their necks forward, as if peering (imagine if they were behind curtains), and move a little more, gently craning. I don't think they wanted to intrude on Duffy's magic moment.

All I could do was laugh. Who would have imagined ducks behaving like that?

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