Musical wind

I wonder if anyone has seen Musical Wind?

It is the second time I have seen it today, and it fascinates me.

I saw it once in South Africa and now in England whilst walking along the canal.

I'll try to explain it.

Watch the trees moving in the wind. Imagine it is a strong breeze. You are loosely standing with your feet on the ground. The wind blows a breeze that connects with your body, gently pushing you forward, and like a hand holding you, you stay in this forward position, swaying to the current. Once the breeze has passed, you drift back to the original standing position.

The first time, I was on the balcony in my garden about three blocks from the seafront, leaning on it and mindfully enjoying the sights and sounds. The next moment, it felt like time had slowed. All my senses were open and absorbing. My gaze had softened, and I was suddenly aware of the tree and bush movements in-front of me. They weren't blowing with the wind like a breeze. It was more like a ballet in an orchestra. Imagine a Conductor with a Wand. Whilst the Conductor is swinging the Wand to the rhythm of the music, the Wand connects with a tree or bush on the down stroke. As the Wand connects to the tree or bush, it becomes ignited with energy and begins to dance. Then, as the Wand moves on, the tree or bush stops. As the Conductor is moving the Wand and connecting to the different trees and bushes, not the whole part of them, only a section, they move, then stop as the Conductor moves to another, which then dances, and then stops as moving to another. These actions continued like a Musical Orchestra. It may have been a magic Wand because as the Wand touched the trees or bushes, I could feel the connection as they swayed in movement.

The second time was a bit different, although there were a lot of similarities. This time, I was on a regular dog walk along the canal. We were on our return walk, walking normally and being quite normal. I was suddenly bought aware towards the trees up above me. This part of the canal is in a sort of valley. There is the canal in the centre, on the one side the towpath, then on either side a slope of trees covering the ground and going up to the top, where there is a small layer of trees and shrubbery. These trees are tall as they grow, as if in competition for the sun, where they bend and lean as they make the path towards the sun. This part of the canal is quite humid and moist.

My sudden awareness of the trees above transported me to another time, where I was here but also not. As the time slowed, the senses heightened. This time however, I was not in the audience but connected to the Wand. As the Wand was moving, like I mentioned before, I was drawn to the part of the tree as it was ignited by the Wand, feeling the energy as it danced. The Wand would then move to another part of another tree, connect to it, ignite it to dance, and then move to the next. The dancing continued for what felt like an eternity, before I returned, feeling completely calm and tranquil.

Does it make sense?

Have you seen it?

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