Rescue the mum and two kids


I was getting ready to take my dogs for a walk when I looked through the hedge to see where the cows were. To my surprise, I saw all of the cows waiting patiently at the gate of the wheat field, which was the path we needed to take. Suddenly, I heard someone crying out for help.

The wheat field gate leads to a narrow area of the cow field that leads to another gate that leads out of the farm, where I am and then onto the road. On the other side of the wheat field gate stood a mother with two little children stuck because they couldn't get through the gate surrounded by cows. I didn't know what to do in this situation.

What could I do? I had to help them. Being totally clueless, I went to their aid.

I left the dogs in the garden and boldly walked towards the mum and kids. I thought the cows appeared to be more interested in the possibility of the wheat gate opening and being able to eat all the luscious wheat on the other side. I recalled seeing the farmer walking away from the cows, calling, and that the cows would follow him to the other side. I decided my option was to try something similar. I went to the mum and explained that I was not a farmer but I would try something that may help. I told her to stand back from the gate and when I was on the other side of the field with the cows, they should go through the gate and exit the field.

So I walked, at first they didn't follow. I called, but they didn't follow. About halfway across the field, after continued walking and calling, they started to come in my direction. I kept walking. Not entirely sure what I was going to do next?

My plan succeeded, and the cows were coming towards me. Then, in the distance, I saw Duffy running my way. Oh bugger, I said, I don't have the leads? How did he escape? What am I going to do? Duffy bravely came to me, briefly greeted and proceeded onto the river in the corner of the field for a swim? What, I thought? So now I have a herd of cows coming my way, my home is where I started and the only way out, and Duffy is swimming? Big sigh.

So diligently and calmly I called Duffy to heel, which bless he did, with a few cow poo tastes along the way - all the time in the world? Picture this - me and Duffy, in a huge field, far away from home - well a few hundred yards, but that is enough! And a herd of happy cows heading this way?

The cows had by this time reached me. I flagged down the mum and kids to go through the gate. Then when they were safe, I started my walk back.

So obviously the cows started to follow me again? Duffy did a bit of herding and then me and Duffy walked back with a herd of cows on our tail. Duffy was occasionally distracted by the cow poop and the urge to eat it. I was commanding the cows as if they were dogs, no, stop, slow down, as I didn't want them too close because I don't really know cows. The cows kept wanting to walk with their heads by our heads - that close. Duffy still ambling along and eating a few poops, when the one cow became quite friendly with him and went right up to him, sniffed him and started licking him. I think the cow must have fancied the handsome Duffy. Duffy, bless him was so good, just let the cow lick him, his body, neck and then face. I saw Duffy's lips go up, I knew he had had enough, so feeling his discomfort, I stood in the way and told the cows to stop and back. The remainder of the way they walked behind us and when we got to the exit gate they kept their distance while we went out.

I thanked them for being so good and Duffy and I went into my garden.

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