The heist (Ducks)

You will never in your wildest dream imagine what just happened to me?

I got held up by 3 ducks on my return walk, smiling and saying quack quaeak queek quak which roughly translates to more food please. These three I call the three amigos.

It was such a sweet moment, walking back having already fed all the ducks, the 3 that meet me on the bridge when I'm coming up the stairs at the beginning of the walk, were ever so sweetly siting next to each other, blocking my path across the bridge and looking at me for more food. I didn't have anymore, but said let me look to see if any have fallen in my bag and I'll give it to you. They were so happy quacking. It was so precious all I could do was laugh. Would you in your wildest dreams have imagined experiencing such a beautiful moment?

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