The screaming Duck

I had a very amusing and strange walk today. I think, perhaps a female Duck will be laying eggs soon because she was acting really bonkers. Possibly hormones?

The dogs and I were walking back along the Towpath, casually and innocently, as we were returning after an enjoyable walk. The next thing, our awareness was abruptly reverted towards a Duck behind us loudly qwarking and wiggling all the way down and up the canal in the water, like a whirlwind with attitude. At first, I thought, what was happening here, so I peered closer to try and work it out. I realised that she was trying to get my attention, and perhaps I hadn't listened or paid enough attention to her, perhaps more food, but I was out. The next instant, she leapt out of the water and was speedily walking along the Towpath furiously behind me, following and screaming "food food food food", wiggling her bum in haste speed.

I did try reasoning with her, explaining that I was terribly sorry I was out of food and had given all I had today. She, however, would have nothing of the sort. She was completely nuts. I sneakily whispered to the other ducks that they should stay out of her way because she was having a funny duck day.

The unusual part of the situation is that two days before this, I had observed a Duck eating differently. At the time, I couldn't quite figure out what was happening. I observed that the Duck would gulp water, then manoeuvre her head, like doing a left jig (dance), and then she would take a piece of food, and this pattern repeated for the duration of eating. If, I'm putting the correct two and twos together, it would make some sense.

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