Too sweet not to share

Yesterday afternoon, I happened upon the chance of noticing a blue tit looking at the food bowl. The blue tit stood there with a look of dismay and gave a big sigh "Oh no, No food". My heart melted, and I went to get food for the bowl without thinking about it.

In the morning, once the dog's food is ready for them. I sing "Fooood, bre-akfast brea-kfast!" and they come. I noticed the other day that when I did this, I would hear a symphony of bird songs outside. There is always bird song in the garden, but this is a sequence, a higher and more excited pitch. After the dogs have eaten? I say to Lilly come on, let's feed the birds. We both go outside with food.

While the dogs were eating, I stayed close to them. When Duffy is ready, I turn his bowl to the other side so he doesn't have to chase the bowl eating the far side food. The other reason is that if I leave, they will follow.

What was sweet about today was that as the dogs were eating their food, I heard a "tap tap-tap". What was that noise, I wondered? I went to the window where the sound came, only to see a blue tit and chaffinch looking sheepish at me from the branch outside the window. I smiled at them, still none the wiser. I return to the dogs only to hear another "tap tap-tap". I burst out laughing. Oh! I remembered it was dinner time, and they also wanted some. So I gave them dinner as well.

I don't normally feed the birds dinner. They only get food in the morning feed. However, as I happened to give the birds food yesterday afternoon, they wanted some today as well. Isn't it Cheeky sweet?

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