10 min of crazy each day keeps mental illness away

Gem in crazy 80s clothes

What, I may hear you saying? Shaking your head.

I'm not saying act crazy in a public place and get locked up in a white jacket. I'm saying spread your wings, do that crazy move, sing the bohemian rhapsody with all the actions, rap the words like MC hammer, and get jiggy with it - Do your crazy

Think about it. We are all tense, rigid, scared, worried, cautious, and unconfident, our eyes moving side to side and thinking, what do they think of me?

Exactly. All the above (previous paragraph) are signs of mental illness. Shake off those dust covers, do a crazy dance and boost your confidence, lift your positive hormones, and feel really good.

You will probably laugh. We all know that is the best medicine.

It really works. I have tested it. People think I'm crazy and I think that is perfectly wonderful!

So what do you think, who is in?

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