If anyone is having a not-so-great day, this will cheer you up definitely.

Lilly and Gemma in the car

Lilly is a bit of a mad hatter - for those who don't know, she is my seven-year-old German shepherd with a sable coat. Lilly thinks she is two years old and has a wicked smile that extends to her waggly tail.

Yesterday I had to go out. The dogs and I have fun together, so they join me where possible. This morning, the car's front window had ice on the bottom half of the screen. So, I thought it was not that much ice, I'll just put the dogs in the car and warm up the car while I splash a few jugs of cold water onto the ice...

So you know how you dutifully get on with it - I was. When I went to the passenger side to splash the water on the front - Lilly always sits on the passenger side - I noticed from the corner of my eye that Lilly was air snapping... and I burst into a huge hearty ball of laughter.

Let me explain. Lilly is water-mad, so anything water, no matter how serious she likes to play. I could be watering the garden, a flower pot or filling the dog's kiddies' shell pool, Lilly is there trying to catch the water. Lilly holds her jaw open and gently snaps it closed as she follows the stream of water to get it.

As I was throwing small spurts of water from the jug onto the front window to melt the ice, Lilly, on the inside of the car, was aiming and water or air snapping the water as I poured it on the window on the outside.

So we played a little game of pour and air snap, and to be fair, I opened her window and would throw a little by her window so she could actually catch the water. She was in her element.

When Lilly was a little puppy, perhaps a few months old, I took her for a car drive and we stopped at the car wash to wash the mud off my car. The car wash attendant was in hysterics as Lilly did her water snaps in the car from the front seat, trying to catch the water from the hose as he sprayed it on the front window. He was easily distracted from the job at hand, entertaining silly Lilly. I do believe he was enjoying it as much as she was.

In case you are interested. Among all the distractions, the ice was removed from the windscreen.

Who would have thought something so plain could be heaps of fun and laughs?

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