Healing powers of light

Hello Everyone, hope you are all enjoying the Summer

I'm busy learning about the healing powers of light...

I'm sure you know by now that learning for me is not just to have a fleeting read. I delve, explore and experiment – breaking it up and putting it back together. Putting it all together is the fun part, as it helps me to really grasp the concepts. There are many words we use daily that overlap and confuse in their meaning, so getting a core understanding really helps with communicating and moving forward.

I have decided to begin my day with light therapy. My circadian rhythm is healthy, so I'm not focusing on that. It's the red and far-red aspects that interest me. I'm not really a sun lover who enjoys lying in the sun. I prefer the morning or night sun or the sun in spring and autumn. In the heat of summer I feel all bothered and grumpy in it.

So, I start my day with a smile and a healthy breakfast. For the last two days, although yesterday was an overcast day, today I am lying with skin to grass and sun in shorts and tee, on my back, facing the sun for 20 minutes and meditating.

Now, if my life were normal, that would be the end of my story.

Lilly is so play-orientated. Seeing me lying in a state of Theta and Alpha waves, Lilly detects this as an ideal opportunity to place her stone on the grass near me. I'm focused, calm and motivated to complete the task whilst being challenged by lying in the sun's heat. Feeling aware of Lilly's request, deciding to ignore her until after I've finished.

No no no! Expresses Lilly, her tail swinging gently from left to right, her neck extended, and her eyes sparkling with delight. And so, in the state of seriousness with my morning light therapy session, I get the added advantage of an increase in my natural microbiome. Absolutely free and with mounds of love from Lilly as she plays football with the stone on the grass and mud, creating a lovely dust cloud that floats over me.

Mud (soil) can promote a healthy microbiome and differentiate modern living from indigenous cultures, which have a more natural relationship with the soil system. People in modern cultures take probiotic tablets daily that typically contain specified soil. The structure of soil is very much like our digestive system. Our intestine breaks food down for our human use. Soil breaks down food for plants to feed. The soil structure and our intestine is called a microbiome. They are similar complex bodies of organisms, viruses and bacteria breaking down food for transportation and use. Lilly is satisfied with playing football and decides to put her stone on top of my bare feet. I gently laugh at the wholesome benefits I'm getting, even exercise.

I swoop up my legs whilst still lying, passing the stone to my waiting hands. I throw the stone in a general direction, and Lilly zooms off in an exaggerated leap as she chases after her most favourite thing in the world, Mr Stone. I'm thinking, it must be 20 minutes now, phewie, it's rather hot. Mmm I think deciding to have a quick squiz (look) at the time in the house and see, much to my dismay, there are still 5 minutes left. I return to the grass to continue my therapy. I'm not going to cut corners. Once again, I'm grounding with my bare skin on the ground, breathing deeply and bringing in the prana. Lilly is footballing and increasing my microbiome. Occasionally, Lilly gives me a leg lift and core body workout by placing the stone on my feet.

Lilly now also feels hot. Luckily for me, everything always works out well and with many perks. I am calmingly mediating and sunning near the dog's shell.

When Lilly is hot, she and her stone go for a splash. Deliberately dropping the stone into the shallow shell pool, she plays football in the water. Feeling around with a paw and nose, Lilly tries to find her stone. When she has found it, her nose goes under, blowing out bubbles as she gleefully retrieves her stone. I am at the end of all this lovely splash work. Aaahh, I commented to myself, I was feeling quite hot.

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