kulning and ducks lunatic farm

I found this beautiful video of a lady Kulning the swans.

I played the video loudly, and it was so sweet. I've never heard Duffy, my male German Shepherd, sing. He was singing along with the lady (in the video). If only I could have filmed it. It was precious.

I will have to practice kulning so Duffy and I can sing to the ducks on our walks and maybe the local swans.

I will keep you updated.

P.S. If there is a news flash of a lunatic being sent to the asylum in the Stafford area, perhaps in the next week or so, be prepared.

Haha, speaking of lunatic... Yesterday, I really did get odd looks. Mostly, when we walk along the canal path, we have good fun. Even though today, we are without Mad Duck, we have what could be described as a psychedelic experience... still to be revealed.

Anyway, as we were going up the steps to the canal. Oh wait, start at the beginning.

Yesterday, the dogs and I were preparing for our walk, except this time, we were going in the car, as I needed to pop into the butcher for dog food before it closed. As we were all excitedly strapping up, Duffy and Lilly barking, singing and squeaking, I heard a familiar sound. I looked out the door and laughed in amazement to see the ducks. They must have overheard the exciting sounds emitting from the house. The Ducks were flying over, circling the house and quacking ferociously. How do they know where I live?

After going to the butcher, we walked up the steps to the canal. As we walk up the steps, the dogs and I start talking to the Ducks with squeaks from Lilly, wuuf wuff from Duffy, and I go quaaauaak queeeaaaauk. At the top of the steps where the canal path crosses, the Ducks are waiting. As we climb the steps, and the closer we get, the Ducks begin to join in with our chorus.

However... yesterday, a man was walking along the canal close to the steps where we were coming up. He must have heard the commotion as he walked past and cautiously peered down at us walking up the steps. The dogs and I, noticing the peering face, abruptly shut up and began acting normal as we quietly tip-toed for the remainder of the stairs (also part of the acting normal?). Upon reaching the top, much to our surprise, we found the ducks weren't there. They must have scurried off to hide -obviously from the lunatic.

So I called them, and they came, quaaack queeakk. The guy is now about a block away from us along the canal. Imagine the Ducks flying overhead, singing excitedly towards us, a lady (me) going queeeaak Quaaaak with two big dogs barking and squeaking together. It was so funny as he turned towards us. I couldn't see his face, but I saw his posture and felt his energy. I couldn't stop laughing. So back to kulning.

I don't know what about Kulning attracts and excites me so much.

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