lavender spill and bone

My lavender essential oil spilt one day all over the floor. I used a few items of clothing to absorb it, and now they are in the washing machine - on this sunny day, and I'm feeling relaxed... The absorbed oil is now neatly distributed on ALL my items of clothing - I'm going to be sending relaxing vibes for the next week :D

Me and Lilly have done our inside/ outside rounds and jobs. The birds are happy, the squirrels are happy, the pheasants are happy, the ducks are happy, the cows are always happy and cheerful (munch munch) - and Lilly and her bone are happy - but Duffy is envious.

Let me explain. Wherever I am, Lilly is there, her nose, her paw, or her ball. Today, it is a bone. I think perhaps it's Duffy's buried treasure. As I am busy, Lilly is there, and she buries her bone near me. I move on, and she and her bone move on. A few pots and things have been reorganised in the process (by Lilly and her bone). Duffy came to have a peek at what we are doing in case he misses out, so he rubbed his nose in all my plants, so they have been ever so naturally trimmed (again). As with cuddly Duffy, he looks at me with those eyes and purrs. So I say aaaah, my Duffy wuffy, and we cuddle. Then he is happy, as he's done his duty and is off.

I am now at my computer, and guess what - so are Lilly and her bone - they are happy (photos attached) -- yuk - you didn't see what trailed after her and the bone, with all the rehoming. Duffy is also near me, although I can't see him directly.

There are many times when I am (really) living that I stop for a second and think. This moment in my life, can never be captured into a photo and never explained in its entirety, which is why it's so special. Apart from not having my phone nearby, I wonder what would happen if I stopped to take a photo.

Firstly, it will interfere with the moment. When it's gone, it's gone forever. The moment cannot be fully captured, described, or stopped because it engages all our senses.

I think we all should live more in now, this moment and treasure it as it is. We should not expect, predict or become impatient. No worrying about if it's right or wrong, planned or not, messy or clean. Just allow the moment to unfold and be - naturally.

A final note. I am thanking my angels for spilling the lavender oil, as I'm under immense stress, and I think it's helping.

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