Natural fertiliser

I woke up this morning feeling quite relaxed. Duffy was anxious to go to the loo, and Lilly decided to stay in bed and was not bothered to get up. I saw that today was going to be a rainy day. I had my cuppa and fed the dogs. Then, I thought, mmm, I should put the indoor plants outside - fresh air, rain and that other goodness. This morning I hadn't heard the blue tit knocking or saying hello. Maybe, he is also sleeping in and resting out of the rain? I did put a few Sunflower seeds out for him, just in case.

While the dogs were eating their breakfast, I picked out the grass and cloves from the hangy flower plant that Mum loves. Then I cleaned the branches out of the space leaf flower plant. Whilst I was busy putting all the plant extracts into my food bits collector, I had a thought…

Why… If we put so many nutrients and fertilisers down for plants to flower, do we remove the flowers (dead) and throw them away? Wouldn't those nutrients be better put back into the plant to continue the plant's natural cycle of life, death and good decomposition? Might save on fertilisers also?

I often have a few thoughts such as this. Is it that some of the things we do have no purpose? Perhaps, the only reason is cosmetic, cultural or beliefs? Are we living in a cosmetic world? Perhaps that explains the fakeness and imbalance of the natural cycles – within and around us in nature.

I bought the orchid surrounded by air plants outside and thought this would be a perfect time to fertilise for the spring with my blood, fish and bone powder, which probably expired perhaps a year or two ago. Not sure? Don’t care about expiry dates. In any case, the bread I ate this morning (to be revealed later) had mould. I'm sure that must mean it has expired.

I was sprinkling fertiliser powder on the plants when I reached my blueberry bush. I wondered, mmm, should or shouldn’t I? I could hear a lot of comments in my head “noooo, that’s a fruit plant! We eat that! URRGGH Gemma!”. Then I thought, in real nature, the blood of animals is not expressed only at certain places because there are fruit trees nearby. Natural soil has blood and POO everywhere! So, I decided to add fertiliser to everything, even my sage and mint. I gave a healthy sprinkling to the beebombs wildflowers – hehe which are coming up.

Lilly and her ball followed me throughout my travels, in and out, whilst sprinkling fertiliser on the plants. It was gently raining. I was in my stretched pyjamas, so the length goes under my feet. As you can imagine, after this expedition, Lilly and I were wet and content. Duffy was inside. He left us girls to get on with girl things but let us know if there were any visitors, passers-by, or a good dream. It’s lovely to hear him dreaming. He lays cuddled up to the wall, desk or something, with his feet in the air. He has very active feet in his sleep, so he creates this lovely, gentle drum-beating sound.

I made the eggy bread for breakfast and a cup of tea. We all decided to go back to bed, eat our eggy bread, and have some tea – and yes, Duffy and Lilly loved it. They are sleeping around me now. I am writing, well, now I am. However, before I was doing my Crystal Healing reading and exercise assignments.

Have a Beautiful Day
Love, Peace & Happiness
Gem, Duf & Lil xxx

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