pumpkin hunting

Notes for the week: 5 Nov 23:

Today Lilly and I went pumpkin hunting (in the pumpkin field). On arriving, we found the pumpkin field was drenched with water and covered with pumpkins of different sizes, shapes and states of wholeness. To reach the pumpkin field, first, we had to get through a slushy and water-filled field. Luckily, my old Suzuki Jimny 4x4'd through the slush, leading a few people on the side to turn and observe my skills as I sped through, throwing mud and water to the sides as I went. Tackling this problem, I approached it very similar to how I would a deep puddle or river - in second gear and maintained revving so I didn't stall in the middle. Perhaps, I need to adapt my skill reservoir.

We walked in the field looking for pumpkins to collect. When we had collected enough so I couldn't carry anymore, usually about two, we would walk back to the car to put the pumpkin in the car before collecting more. Holding the large and slippery pumpkins under my arms meant that I was using extra muscle to contain them, I don't have very long arms. Lilly was supposed to be helping me find and choose good pumpkins, however, she had something else on her mind. Did I tell you about Lilly's obsession with stones? Well, yes, Lilly successfully pointed out each and every stone in the field. As you can imagine, at times was quite challenging, especially, when your muscles were aching to hold a slime ball and still have 200 yards to walk.

Waspie, sleeping in the kitchen, on the wall? I was surprised as well. I went into the kitchen to make some tea, perhaps about 9 pm. I noticed Waspie on the wall by the ceiling. His head was leaning forward into the ceiling with flat feelers, and he was motionless. At first, I was puzzled, trying to figure out what was happening. Wasps don't stay awake after dark, and usually, I don't see any buzzing in the evenings. I then realised that Waspie must have missed the night train and was sleeping in the kitchen instead of at his home. I quietly turned and left, switching off the kitchen light as I crept around. Creeping around in the dark everytime I needed to go into the kitchen that evening.

Friday night, Lilly and I slept downstairs in the lounge as she had a funny tummy. The reason was that if she needed to go outside urgently, it was quick and easy for us both. In the morning, I was aroused from slumber by a tap tap on the glass door. The Blue Tit had found me, even though I had changed rooms and wanted his breakfast?

This morning, as I was walking around, I put my hand in my trousers and felt a small firm object. At first, I didn't think much about it, reasoning that it was a fluff ball or something. However, for some reason, I was continually drawn to the fluff ball in my pocket and kept putting my hand in my pocket to feel it. For some reason my curiosity took over, and deciding to pull the fluff out of my pocket. What was in my hand as it emerged was a Ladybird. What a surprise and unusual place for a Ladybird, especially since these trousers had been thrown on the floor last night after wearing them, ready for today. So, I gently placed the Ladybird in my hand and took it upstairs to the Ladybird room to join the others. During the winter months, Ladybirds find all sorts of places to hide. Finding them in the alarm on the wall outside, in the corners of my sun rooms in the house, in the window.

This year, I even found a Ladybird in the linen cupboard. I took a pillowcase out, and a Ladybird dropped to the floor. Surprised, I gently picked it up and put it comfortably back in the cupboard on cotton. A little later, I noticed one on the rim of my bedroom door. It was sleeping similarly to Waspie that I mentioned above, its head leaning into the lifted bend of the door rim. Downstairs, when I sat on my sofa, I found another Ladybird sleeping on my cushion. Later that night, when I went to bed, I found a Ladybird sleeping on my pillow. Of course, that night, I didn't use my pillow to sleep on, it was already occupied. I gently moved the pillow so I wouldn't disturb or squish the Ladybird and slept without it.

It's quite a magical experience when Ladybirds are popping out, like a new version of Alice.

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