Do you want to release yourself from feeling alone, anxious, lost, lacking confidence and stuck?

Take Control of Your Future self

Be You, Love You, and Thrive!

I am an experienced, supportive, and understanding Life Mentor, Coach and Counsellor, who specialises in working with individuals who are ready to be empowered and make sense of their life and make positive life changes.

I believe each of us deserves to live a beautiful and fulfilling life.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, and learn how to reach your future full potential.

Through both my life challenges and academic study I have developed a deep understanding of the human mind and spirit.

– Gemma King

Mental Health Coaching

Learn how to control and eliminate your negative thoughts, reduce your stress and anxiety, and in turn improve your relationships and life.

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Self Discovery Coaching

Just by loving yourself you can achieve anything! Discover what makes you, you through self-exploring questions and exercises.

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Getting Found Again Coaching

Sometimes life can feel so hard, and be changing so much, that we can feel like lost and unsure where to go next or how to make things better.

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Career Exploration Coaching

Lets explore your passions, strengths and developmental needs to see where you could go to create the career you would love.

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I suffer with Anxiety, Depression, Life skills and organisation

What was it that triggered you to seek my help?I suffer with Anxiety, Depression, Life skills and organisation Had you tried other methods before you started our sessions?Yes, I have, I’ve done NLP, Hypnotherapy and private counselling In what ways did/do our sessions help you?I like that you question my answers as it opens up …

Anonymous Female March 22, 2021